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Our Quantity Surveying Cause


  • We believe we create trust, reliability and security in a complex environment

  • We believe we guide clients through difficult development financial decisions

  • We believe we strive to exceed our client’s expectations within the constraints of a feasible financial framework


Our Quantity Surveying Actions taken to realize our cause.


  • We build long term relationships with our clients

  • We have a dynamic approach to cost management

  • We constantly test our cost framework against the latest available information

  • We cultivate a project cost conscious culture

  • We constantly benchmark our service locally and internationally

  • We constantly invest in our networks and staff

  • We do acts of generosity – we give our time & energy to others at no cost


Our Quantity Suveying services that is proof of our cause

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Procurement Strategies

  • Contract Management

  • Project Cost & Cash Flow Management

  • Cost Structuring / Estimating / Reporting

  • Cash Flow Forecasting / Reporting

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